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The DC650 is bolted in, and can be removed for service. Then the DC200 and DC500 lift out in a rack with nylon grab straps.

The battery post has a large distribution block built into it with fusible-link-protected ports. I bought the connectors from the dealer and made up my own plug-in, quick-disconnect plugs. Turns out I had to mod it from this pic slightly as not all the ports are powered. Will update later.

So I asked my friend Tom Miller to help me out with the amp rack - I would have taken 6 months to not come close to this level of neatness - and I thank him for his invaluable assistance.

I drove the car home Friday, and I am tuning it tomorrow (Sunday). I will update then, as well as when we do te fiberglass stealthy-box and the remote DRC / bass level knob install.

I have to test out the rear channels (there is a noise problem with the modded cable and I may have had solder pierce some heatshrink).

The plan is to use PS1 for front and underseat only, PS2 for F/R/underseat only, 3 for F/US/rear sub only with time correction for the rear sub arrival, 4 for F/R/US/rear sub with the US xover points bandpassed for midbass AND time correction for the rear sub arrival, and PS5 for system 4 with time correction per driver added in. This makes it 5 different demo cars
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