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Originally Posted by Heinzftw View Post
Hey fellow members,

I am in a huge dilema, after seeing the car I was interested. After seeing the price, I am now somewhat hooked. Been a member here for awhile, and have personally met some of you. But, being a 19 year old college student owning a 135 is out of the question and would I could be labeled as that "living beyond his means."

Furthermore i'd like to get out of 2000 civic coupe and into this Genesis. At 26k (Track model) it definitely looks like a steal and a hell of a lot of fun to drive. Plus i'm pretty sure I (as in me) can afford the monthly payments. But, moving next year to wherever I'm transferring to could be a problem... The plot thickens...

Only if you're getting it with the leather. I sat in the ones with cloth and id be afraid to tell someone you paid almost 30k out the door for that shitty interior ha-ha. Over all, I checked out a V6 with leather and LOADED for 28. Was very impressed with that model Hyundai. Do you really need a track model? I bet the performance is negligible.
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