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I was driving my 335i hard in morning, "engine malfunction" came up. I stopped the car, turned engine off, restarted (its what i usualy do to bypass limp mode)...after restart all was fine, so I drove car hard again to see if error comes back...and it did,- "engine malfunction" came back. Again, stop, restart, drives fine, no "engine malfunction" but "sevice engine soon" came on... drove around little bit, had "start" "stop" several times since i needed to get out of car to do stuff...and was surprized "service engine soon" was gone. I have been driving this car like this for 3 years, since the day I got it, when car was new it bothered me at first.... "engine malfunction" was driving me crazy...took car to dealer back then...they couldnt fix it... so I took this 335i to another dealer and they replaced bad "solenoid", drove fine after that. But later on "engine malfunction" came back on...and has been coming back on....and keeps coming back on.... You just never know with this car, could drive it hard and all is fine, but other days you try to get away from some jerk on highway, smack it into 3rd gear, pulling out high rev...and BANG! car fails you with this wicked "engine malfunction",- have to pull over like an idiot to restart. I noticed,- "engine malfunction" is more likely to happen early morning (car is warmed up ofcourse)... This is lease, car is going back to BMWFS in 3 weeks... I am not going to get turbo egine again... M3V8 FTW!