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Originally Posted by E92_328i_Boston View Post
"tank vent valve fault"

2008 328i coupe. 10,400 miles. never a single problem until the check engine soon light came on yesterday morning. no other symptoms whatsoever. just the light.

has anyone ever heard of this or experienced the same thing?

they recommended that a "reprogramming" be done, but they could not do that today (something about the computer/software being updated on Sundays).

any further info will be greatly appreciated! thank you in advance.


I had perhaps the same problem. Apparently, there is a defective batch of filler hoses and vent valve assemblies on some cars. They replaced the hose neck, gas cap and filler tube assembly and maybe even the line to the charcoal canister.

Like you, the check engine light suddenly popped up for no reason, with no other symptoms. My car is also a 2008 but an E90. My dealer made no mention about reprogramming.