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Originally Posted by Optherion View Post
I was looking at that Genesis 4 Door Sedan. I got my grandparents one. Its actually pretty damn nice and a step up from them driving fords. Its not by any means a 5 series, but a loaded 5 series was about 65k and the Hyundai can be had for 38. It seriously is a very nice car. They had a genesis parked next to it with some dark brown leather. It was nice. If you really don't care about brand image or trying to impress people (which my 70 year old grandparents don't) its a heck of a car. Of course it will always get "but its a Hyundai." We de-badged it entirely and 1 in 10 can guess what it is. Everyone guesses Lexus or Infinity haha.
Agreed. Looked at one of those Genesis sedans myself. Hell of a car for the asking price. I said the same thing, if not for the H on the steering wheel I'd have thought I was in an upper-end Lexus or Mercedes. The quality of materials were fantastic. Fit and finish were great, and it even drove well. Changed my view entirely of the brand.
Originally Posted by EpicE90 View Post
I honestly can say they look good modded. However , i cant get past " It's still a Hyundai". I mean HYUNDAI. I just cant, its like driving a Suzuki lol Im not trying to be a dick but godddddddddddd HYUNDAI!!!!
Get over yourself.
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