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Originally Posted by BMWer
Thanks picus.

I got some ideas of it now, it's not bad at all. I wonder if you have your bumper and lights bra'd as well? Do you think it's worth doing it?
Yep, the entire front end is wrapped.

I paid $700, so ya I think it's worth it. It's really a choice between the lesser of two evils. I hate stone chips, so the bra made sense to me. Some guys don't mind stone chips and don't like the bra... Personally I think the bra, while not the best looking thing ever, is only unsightly from a couple inches away - and even then it isn't too bad. If this were an older car with harder paint I'd have not done it, but these cars have soft paint and I can only imagine how sandblasted the front end will be in a year without a bra.