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Originally Posted by darkcloud View Post
That's what you get for hiring a dumb ass.

I really don't see things getting much better for UofM next year either.
You are preaching to the choir. The only ones happy with that move are the teams we're handing victories to every year. Not only has he stomped on our tradition, he's getting progressively worse, and on top of that, he's brought in investigations and all kinds of discipline problems. He's not only a dumb ass on the field, he's destroying us off the field too. I never wanted to hire this guy. Before he even coached his first game, he had brought controversy. I could give him a pass if he won 10 games a year (to include OSU). But since we can't even finish out of the cellar in our own conference, there's no reason to keep him around; he's as big a cancer as I have ever seen in a program (except for Matt Millen, but that's a given). It's embarrassing to be a Michigan fan these days....

I will not continue to donate to the school until they fix that shit.

Sorry. /rant