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Possible problems...wastegates?

Alright, so, Ive got some sounds coming from the car. Arent really noticeable until your driving the car under about 20 with the windows down, but id assume they are there under all speeds.

First off (and i know there is a thread on this, but its short, so dont kill me) there is a squeak coming from the car (which sounds JUST like squeaky brakes) but it happens under ACCELERATION not braking. this happened with my old e90 too and the dealer thought it was the brakes, but it cant be because my new car is stick and therefore the brakes arent being used at all when im accelerating. its mostly in 1st and 2nd gear, but i think thats also because i am going slow enough to hear it.

Second (and a little more concerning) is a small rattle/whoosh sound (not a turbo sound, more tinny) coming from the car when i initially accelerate, doesn't last long but it doesnt sounds good. didnt used to happen pre-chip, so it has me a little worried.

thanks for any advice you all have, sorry for the new thread, i -ed a lot and couldnt really find anything that fit what i had. thanks!