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Winter driving

Wondering if there are any 335i coupe owners out there who have driven their vehicles in the snow. I live in Edmonton, and just yesterday we had one massive blizzard blow through. This had me thinking, how will the torquey rear wheel drive 335i perform in all this snow.

The reason I'm asking is because i have a 2007 335i coupe on order from Bavaria here in Edmonton. If the vehicle is not very good in the snow , then I would consider canceling my order all together. The car I'm ordering, isn't being produced till Feb anyhow, so i have some time to decide.

I currently own a 2003 325i sedan, and the thing performs very well in the snow. I currently have winter tires (Michelins), and i wouldn't even consider driving in Edmonton without them in the winter. My current car is only 180 hp (might be off on the hp, but its close to that), and it cuts through the snow like magic.

300 hp with 300 ft/lbs torque + snow = ?