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Originally Posted by Derek Zoolander View Post
Not many I'd consider slammed, besides the one on air.
Everyone needs to do themselves a favor and lower the fronts of their cars. Why does everyone spin the rear way down but leave gap up front, causing reverse rake?
Many cars on here are lowered for handlings sake, not just to be super uber low to be cool. Many are corner balanced, and run the correct wheel and tire sizing that actually fit the car and help it's looks and make it handle better.
Maybe your opinion is just different in that you want the front 3 inches lower than the rear for that fwd feel you are used to? I'm not sure.

Sorry if I come off being rude, but people mod their cars the way the want to. They don't put on super wide wheels that stick 5 inches past the fenders that tarnish the BMW handling and looks. The evenly drop the car so it has no rake. It's how they see fit they mod their $40k plus automobile.