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Ok VanSky. Thanks for that info. Since you drive a stick, did you find that DSC engaged a lot during the first or second gear start with those tires?

I contemplated your suggestion of keeping this car in a garage during the winter months. If i lived in the greater Vancouver area, i would keep it off snow also. Snow however appears very seldom in Vancouver (once if not twice in a year), and when it does appear, the whole damn city shuts down. Theres a good reason for that too, there are some steep a$$ hills in the Vancouver area, and theres not enough sanders to keep those hills drivable.
Edmonton is very different, we have very few steep hills, and during a storm (which is frequent), sanders go over these areas every 30 minutes.

Maybe I'll clarify my question a bit......

Has anyone driven their 335i coupe through a residential street with 6 inches of packed snow and ice, 1.5 feet of snow covering it and tried going up a slight grade!