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Originally Posted by E92_328i_Boston View Post
"tank vent valve fault"

2008 328i coupe. 10,400 miles. never a single problem until the check engine soon light came on yesterday morning. no other symptoms whatsoever. just the light.

has anyone ever heard of this or experienced the same thing?

they recommended that a "reprogramming" be done, but they could not do that today (something about the computer/software being updated on Sundays).

any further info will be greatly appreciated! thank you in advance.


I'm back with a second response to your original query. Talk about coincidences but just yesterday my car popped an SES light for no reason whatsoever.

I have the car back now from the dealer and guess what - the same exact vent valve failure, for the second time. Part number 13-90-7-572-234, the same as has been reported by others.

I find it hard to believe that a simple solenoid valve can fail like this. The first one went at 9,500 miles and now the second at 18,400 miles. Almost exactly the same failure interval.

Either BMW has a bad batch of these (like the HPFP on 335's) or something else is going on and this is just the symptom. I asked whether they tested the valve to confirm that it's defective and they said no. I suspect that the valves are fine but since that's what the code says, they blindly replace it.

Hope that helps,