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BMW 335d problem - bad service from BMW

A few months ago (when my car was still in warranty) there was a problem with the soot filter (a filter that make's it more ecological). The dealer hold my car 3 days with them and replaced it. Since 2 weeks, my car had some "power" and "reaction" problems. Normally my 335d with 580NM Torque would go loose direct after hitting the gass. This time he was verry lame. I went to the dealer who checked what the problem could be, and they said the car was just fine (because there computer doesn't show any problem . They said they just replaced some cables "yeah right..." When driving back home, I noticed that nothing was changed (exept my music cd, someone had changed my music while the car was in the garage ... ) I made a new apointment the week later (those people of BMW think that we have all the time of the world and don't have to go to work) for checking the problem again, same result -> nothing was done and they claimed that the car was fine. Driving back home (again... ) I noticed (again) that the car is still driving like shit! 2 Days later went back to dealer and I stayed with them, eventualy they admit there is a problem with the soot filter (which normally was already changed). When I made the remark that I thought it was already changed they just ignored it and denied it... (I couldn't proove it because it's a company car... I don't have invoices of it). At this moment my car is already 3 days at the dealer for replacing it (or they are saying that they are replacing it).

I hade the same problem with this and an other dealer concerning LMM air flow meter... Before my 335d I had an e46 330d and needed to change the air flow meter 2 times, same problem with my 335d. I also had to obligate the dealer to change it, because they first denied that there was something wrong.

Some guy's of you had the same problem with their dealers, or do I just have the luck of choosing the bad dealers...
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