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Originally Posted by Big Ste View Post
Thanks I have found the plug under the seat for the heating, but the dealer can't give me the part no for the cable it plugs into. Do you think it has to go into the seat control module. I have also spoken to the dealer about help there either, so ideas on how it can be a DIY option.

Yes - In looking at my car, I found that my seat modules have the "ports" for the two heating elements, but since they aren't modules for seats with heaters, the modules do not have the "pins" to plug into. It's obviously that the modules were built from the same case, but the guts are different. Both seat modules require replacement and I have to believe from the wiring diagram that both seat elements plug right into the module, just inches from the heating elements. All other wiring appears to be in place.

It would seem to me that if you have the elements, try to get the correct seat modules for your car, get the car re-coded for the option, and get the switch panel to plug into the back of the climate control panel. My bet is that it will work.

As its gotten into the 40's every night this week, this is becoming a more interesting retrofit every day. I really need to pull my seat covers off and look inside to confirm that I don't have the elements. I would love to maintain the OEM function of these, using factory elements, modules, and switches if possible...