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Oh, when I made the decision to purchase a new car I was expecting to order it as I knew about the alarm issue. I learned about the $2500 holiday rebate last week and naturally wanted to take advantage of it. No time to order a car and have it here by 1/4/2010 when the rebate ends.

In searching for cars the dealer located 2 incoming that are an exact match for what I wanted, except the flippin' alarm! As a matter of fact I asked them to do a search in 3 colors with only premium, sport (or M3 sport), auto and the alarm. Found very few cars in the SE region (I recall about 8 cars) on the ground or incoming and I quickly realized I would have to either sacrifice my color/option selection, pay more for a car that was loaded with stuff I didn't want or get the exact car without the alarm. I went for the exact car without the alarm (its on its way to the dealer this week). Hence the reason for the above post.

I must say I'm really disappointed that BMW decided to remove the prewire and not offer the retrofit kit stateside. Sometimes big corps make foolish decisions and I think this is one of them. I suppose the poor economy and weak US dollar forced them to take steps to value engineer the cars. I wonder what else they value engineered out?

12/7/10 update - Dealer with the first car changed their mind at the last minute and canceled the trade. Good news is that I'm getting a car with more equipment (Nav and M Sport) for $25/mo more in the lease payment. Only thing with this car is it doesn't have comfort access so I'll need the auxiliary cable with the kit. Expect to have the car this weekend. It just arrived at the port today.

BTW, checked with my dealer and they told me they cannot tell me 100% that they can activate the retrofit installed alarm. They say they'll try, but want me to know up front that it may not be accessible via DCS on the 2010 since other electronics have changed from the 2009 models (specifically the stereo).

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