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Originally Posted by JakeN5 View Post
Ahhh, the death of the stick shift is imminent. MB was the first to kill off the manual, and now it seems BMW is following suit.
As the press release says:

"Manual Transmissions: Continuing a BMW tradition
BMW continues as the only manufacturer to offer manual transmissions in the 5 Series’ competitive set, underlining the sporty nature of the car, as well as BMW’s commitment to driving enthusiasts.
The 535i and 550i Sedans will be offered with a 6-speed manual transmission in the United States, providing a level of driver involvement unique in the segment."

p.s. Could be possible with the M cars and BMW in general since it now stands for marketing. Porsche officially is committed to furthering the manual transmission with the under-development 7 speed manual transmission for the upcoming 911 in 2012 since 80% of the Porsche 911s sold are manual transmission. PDK and automatics make up a small portion so it ain't going anywhere.

Are there any old lazy, driving-while-coffee sipping, farts out there who are going to celebrate its passing?
Fixed. Now it is politically correct.
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