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Originally Posted by mtla4 View Post
Id take an RS5 over an R8

Honestly if the rumor of a 4.0 F/I engine is true it will be a downer....N/A is the way to go I just hate F/'s just the easy and cheap way to go on top that all these engines sound like vaccum cleaners....give me an updated 4.2 and I'll be happy same goes for the S5 I hope that it will keep its 4.2...I dont care about the 3.0T modding potential it just sounds bad and has no personality. The new S4 is a let down compared to the departing B7..I'd take a B6 over the B7(even if the bias is 40-60). The new S4 is just an A4 3.0T.
You obviously know what you're talking about...
It is just like an A4 with a different tranny, suspension, brakes, engine, interior, exterior... A bit more than 335 vs. 328 differences (since the S4 competes with the 335)...

Do your research a little bit before posting crap here...