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Originally Posted by ptack View Post
Well BMW doesn't manufacture M3s in the US and they certainly aren't giving them away at a discount. It may be possible that Audi had planned to invest the necessary capital to produce RS cars at a lower price point for the US market, but they haven't. I might have been sorely tempted by an RS3, but no dice. Why?? We both know the price would have been untennable in the US compared to other cars in the market. We'll see about the RS5. I think the basic geometry of the car works against this ever being a good track car. There's simply too much weight too far forward.
You lot need to clear your heads about weight balance and how it effects handling. When the car is solely rwd or even fwd then where the weight happens to be has a direct effect on how it performs, but when the drivetrain has the option to shift the power not only front to rear but side to side then weight has a lot less of a bearing on things. The GTR weight balance is 55% front 45% rear and is one of the best handling car available regardless of it's overall weight which is vast.

From what I have heard the RS5 will be no worse than this and it's awd system is nearly as advantage in many ways.

The only way that you will get cheaper RS models is for quattro's production to increase several fold which ain't going to happen any time soon. Remember that the total production run of the RS4 in all forms will be less than what BMW are expecting for the E90~3 M3 total sales. Now while it appears that in the US RS models don't hold a higher resale value than the equivalent M this goes against what is found in the UK and probably Europe though I can't confirm this as fact.