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My X5d tows my spec miata to the track.

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Originally Posted by hl0m4n View Post
pretty sure you can get ane exchange
Well you were right. I emailed SM and they were more than happy to make my exchange. I received the can and hardware and can happily report that it was identical to the photos posted above.

On to the install:
I followed the RR directions and everything went pretty straightforwardly save for me breaking one of the tabs on the PCV clamp. THey're brittle so be careful. I managed to snap it right where it clamps to the ridge on the valve cover. It's impossible to see as no pieces broke off, fully functional as the clamp still works but for the sake of preventing ANY questions, I'll go ahead and replace it.

After getting the parts removed I ran into a couple of stumbling blocks that are not covered in the description above. First and foremost is the tight space and bend required by the 3/4" hose. I bought heater hose from Autozone. Standard stuff but when forced to make that bend it would always crimp. There was nothing I could do. Rotating the PCV valve didn't work and no matter how I routed the line it would crimp. I bought the RR hose kit (to fit my original can) and it would bend fine. The 3/4" wouldn't and now the RR hose wouldnt' work on 3/4" nipple can. I had to buy an elbow to make it work and I then had to shorten the elbow b/c it was pressed against the firewall.

The picture shows where I cut the elbow. Note: this is a 1.25" that my daughter picked up and had to have... I used 3/4" elbows.

THis picture shows the elbow/pcv combo. It just fits.

As you can see it's a really tight fit. I ran out of clamps but the elbow is super tight so I'm not concerned. I'll go back and check it this weekend and make sure it's tight. I'll probably add the clamps then for peace of mind.

The I used a 1" hose with a reducer for the intake line. That worked no problem.

Here's the final install:

All in all, I'm not thrilled with it. I love the Saikou Michi can design and really believe it's the best can out there and certainly affordable. IMO installation instructions and parts should be included with this can. I had to use an extra elbow to make the bend to the can with the 3/4" hose.

If I had seen the routing of the lines from SM, maybe this could have been avoided. I don't see how though.

I'll be communicating to SM so maybe they'll make some changes to the design. I think they could position the nipples more toward the firewall and maybe reduce the volume of the can somewhat. As it is now, it's VERY tight on the side. So much so that the draincock can not be turned as it hits the wall of the engine bay.

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