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I had this problem back in October, car is out of warranty. Replacing the fuse seemed to work at least temporarily - but then two weeks ago i placed my key in the dash and hit start - all power then went out in car. no lights, no locks, no horn, couldn't even get key out of dash. Next day i come home from work, and the tailights are on in the car and it starts right up. Next morning, car is dead again. Come home from work that night and now the dash lights are on but nothing else. Car starts and continues to work for a about a week. I replaced the battery, then the issue resurfaces, this time while out with my kids. Had car towed to Open Road BMW in Edison, NJ who charged me for 2 hours of diagnostic time ($270 - yikes!), and a grand total of $1700 to replace the junction box in the dash. My understanding is that there is some sort of juntion box for the car's factory security system, and now I'm wondering if the lock and power failure issues are related?