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Originally Posted by ComputerKnowHow View Post
I asked this very question of the dealer - I asked if (a) I could drive it, and (b) if it was safe to drive. There was a pause at the other end, and I then reminded them I only bought the car 4 days ago. The response was "don't drive long distances". That's impossible for me, as I bought the car in order to drive it... They explained that I'm effectively driving it without DSC or DTC.

I'm trying not to get in a twist over it, provided I get the right service when it actually goes in. I could let it really rile me and take the sheen off my ownership!

There's nothing I can do about it as I want to keep the car (rather than going down Sale of Goods Act etc) and just want BMW to fix it, and fix it properly.
You can drive the car as hard and as fast as you want and any distance, it makes no difference, you simply will not have DSC or DTC.

The fix is straight forward too, just replace the pump (in the engine bay passenger side) and code the car for the new pump and done, replacing the part is 45mins work and coding could take upto 2-2.5 hours if it doesnt code first time, otherwise it takes about 40mins too.