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Originally Posted by lyndon_h View Post
Go to the LR forums. Even the owners say things like "Its unreliable but that a LR for you".
Of course, an owner will chime in and say that his has been reliable, but a larger sample shows otherwise. I think people should boycott LRs until they get their reliability up. The are great for offroading, but so is a LandCruiser, and they have bulletproof reliability.
I'll be that guy.

I'm on my third RR. it's an '01 4.6 HSE with 80k miles on it. Still has the air suspension, which works great (though if it goes bad, I'll probably replace it withthe Old Man Emu standard springs).

In the entire time I've owned it it's cost me $50 in repairs. My previous RR (a '95 Classic LWB) cost me about $400 in repairs over the 2.5 year span I owned it. The first RR I had (an '88 SWB) didn't cost anything in repairs, but it was an $800 beater that I simply left like that to go offroading in. Sold it for $800 a couple years after buying it). So while ONE RR might be a statistical fluke, I can't believe I'm "lucky" enough to buy three in a row that were great rigs. With that luck I should have been able to hit the lottery by now...

My current one is not my daily driver (that job is handled by the 740iL), and yet still has seen over 14k miles in the last year, mostly due to long road trips (up to Burlintong VT and back, down to Virginia Beach and back, up to Mt Washington, NH and back, lots of camping trips towing my travel trailer, etc).

They are like any luxury car: if you are at the mercy of the dealer to maintain and repair them, you WILL be raped on cost and end up thinking they are unreliable. I hear the same horror stories about the E38 that I have.

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