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Originally Posted by Amir87 View Post
My dad has a 05 RR HSE with the BMW motor, and its been ok service wise.

Coolant tank leak 3 times so far, replaced coolant tank 3 times.
Exactly the same issues as the BMW 540 and 740. Damn cheap plastic expansion tanks.

Overall, it's a good car, just costly repairs if out of warranty. This is a car you DONT WANT OUT OF WARRANTY.
Again, like ANY luxury car (hell any car period), especially if you cannot/will not do any DIY. That $50 repair I talked about on mine? It was replacing the spark plug wires, due to a misfire on #3 cyl (which when it stumbled and lit the CEL, I put my $49 OBDII code reader on it and got the code). The wire set was $50 with shipping (high performance 8mm silicone wire set), and it took about an hour to change all the wires. The dealer wanted $45 per wire and $500 to do the work. The guy I bought it from had the brakes replaced at 50k miles (don't know if they even needed it as I've had cars that during a routine dealer inspection were supposedly at 25% brakes left, and turned out to be actually in almost new condition), and was charged $2500. Parts cost at Atlantic British to do the complete job (rotors, sensors, pads, seals, etc) is only $350 and can easily be done in the driveway.

I've seen people get raped just as bad having their out of warranty Accords and Camrys worked on. Not to mention all teh BMWs on this forum would be expensive out of warranty if no one here worked on their own cars.
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