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Wow, so much hate for the CHP! Don't hate the cop, hate the lawmaker. We have the most ridiculous laws here in California. When I was in SD a few months ago, I got pulled over because the frames on my sunglasses were too wide, but I got off with a warning. LOL. The cop, an obvious newb, told me that the frames on your glass cannot be more than .5" wide on the sides, because it can obstruct your peripheral vision. Of course, I laughed, and he said he was letting me go with a warning, and that I should brush up on my vehicle code. So naturally, I call my pops (retired cop of 25 years), and ask him about it and he says he'll get back to me. Five minutes later, he calls back and recites word for word the penal code regarding the wearing of sunglasses while driving. Oh, California. Anyways, back on topic.

And, you know the only reason we have these tint laws is because some piece of shit who had a violent record got pulled over, and had tinted windows, but the cop couldn't see that he was wielding a firearm. Cop probably was shot and killed approaching the car = new law against the tinting of front windows on your vehicle.

IMHO, you knew you were breaking the law when you had your windows tinted, so if you're not prepared to accept the consequences, then maybe you shouldn't have done it in the first place! I would still fight to get it reduced to a "fix-it" ticket though. I get all the windows tinted on my cars, but if a cop pulls me over and cites me for it, oh well, he's just doing his job. lol.