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Ok, so I went down to the dealership today and test drove a 335i sedan. It was white automatic with all season 17's and the only 335i they had at Bavaria.

This thing was tremendous on the roads. The impressive thing was after the test drive , we went in back of the dealership, and there is a wide open area to test the vehicles DTC. "Badash" you had mentioned this area behind the dealership earlier in this thread, I know what you mean now! This area was full of snow and ice, and a perfect area to test the handling capabilities of this car in these conditions. I flogged this car hard back there, reving the engine up to 6000 rpm, making a hard left 90 degree turn going about 30 clicks. I thought for sure the car would yaw/spin out and it made this turn like i was driving it like a granny. I tried 3 attempts to spin the car with no luck. DTC is simply put AMAZING in this car.

DTC in this vehicle has 10 times quicker response time than the DSC im my '03 bimmer. With winter tires , theres no doubt now in my mind that this car will be awesome in the winter.

I also noticed a brand spanking new space grey 335i coupe leaving the dealership today at Bavaria. The owners are from Calgary I was told. Congrats on this purchase.