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Originally Posted by footie View Post
This is something I have been complaining about for quite a while, all they are doing is buying loyalty, percentage share and global sales but at the expense of actually making profit.

At some point it will eventually catch you up and bite you on the ass.

The real surprise is that such numbers out there is the market place isn't having a dire effect on secondhand sales prices as they do here in the UK and else where. Probably because in the US and possibly Canada everyone leases them to hand back at the end of term.

Most people in North America i would say lease their cars. I myself like to change cars pretty often so buying would just make no sense since i'd lose too much money.
I think that Bmw has lost a lot of it's "exclusivity" with all the discounts and special financing/lease rates , cash backs etc.
It's downright crazy how many Bmw's you see on the road. I mean growing up when i would see a Bmw on the road i would get excited. If i saw an M3 i would just stare with dreams of one day owning one.
Nowadays it's practically as common as Honda's...
Don't get me wrong i absolutely love Bmw's and think they probably make some of the best driving cars on the planet. I'm just saying i liked it better when a Bmw was something people aspired to own when they made it financially.
Nowadays you have 17 year olds leasing Bmw's for the same thing they would pay for a Honda Accord or even a loaded Civic.