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Originally Posted by graider View Post
Honestly I see no reason whatsoever to trade an e93 m3 vert for an s5 cab. that is a downgrade in both look and performance IMHO.

again s4 is a 335i competitor. I would never take it over the m3. sorry
I'm not going to start naming all the reasons why i chose to trade My E93 M3 for a S5 Cab.
But here's just a few.
You live in Toronto right? Ever heard of something called Snow?
Because last time i was in TO there was about 25cm of Snow.
Thank God i had a loaner and not my M3 because i wouldn't have gotten anywhere.
So reason number 1 , Quattro .
Second is interior. Sitting in my M was 99% the same as sitting in a base 323.
Not to say that there's anything wrong with a 323, i'm just saying that when you get into a car that's close to 100k$ ( Canadian ) you want a little more luxury.
Audi's interior is far superior to any of Bmw's offerings at the moment.

Now performance wise M3 is superior but as i said not by much...

Looks well i won't even go there. I think the S5 is one of the best looking designs to come out of Germany in years... But that's me.