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Originally Posted by youyou View Post
I'm not going to start naming all the reasons why i chose to trade My E93 M3 for a S5 Cab.
But here's just a few.
You live in Toronto right? Ever heard of something called Snow?
Because last time i was in TO there was about 25cm of Snow.
Thank God i had a loaner and not my M3 because i wouldn't have gotten anywhere.
So reason number 1 , Quattro .
Second is interior. Sitting in my M was 99% the same as sitting in a base 323.
Not to say that there's anything wrong with a 323, i'm just saying that when you get into a car that's close to 100k$ ( Canadian ) you want a little more luxury.
Audi's interior is far superior to any of Bmw's offerings at the moment.

Now performance wise M3 is superior but as i said not by much...

Looks well i won't even go there. I think the S5 is one of the best looking designs to come out of Germany in years... But that's me.
- i would never drive a soft top vert in winter.
- i drive my m3 in winter, north of toronto which is even colder/more snow than toronto, no problem whatsoever and I daily drive my car 90mile round trip. good winter tire is key in winter and i'm on oem 19 with winter. still no problem with this much snow, LOL
- I sat in both at the car show and honestly I cannot see the differences in lux/quality between the s5 or the m3. the s5 seat looks a little cooler than the m3 seat since it is made by recaro, but the dash on the s5 is loaded with button which is not really to my liking. the nav on the m3 is nicer cause it position higher within driving sight, etc. so there are pro/con from both side but I don't think the s5 is anymore luxurious than the m3 interior. the s5 interior is basically the same as q7, a4, a5, a6, a8. same for the m3. the interior is basically the same as a 3 series, but the leather, steering, etc are much nicer.
- no argument about the look cause you have your own taste.