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Originally Posted by gonzo View Post
A Jetta would have seemed the same after 9 cocktails.
I asked one of the bartenders for a shot of Jack and he had no idea what I was talking about. I think he mentioned something about a gun. After a bunch of nonsense I couldn't pick up, and after showing my ID, he finally figured out what I wanted. He ended up giving me a double shot in a glass and that pretty much got me over (after a few beers).

Me and my friend were sitting in the Astons and thinking, "why would anybody pay more than 100K for these?" I was noting the painted "metal trim." That said, I obviously didn't drive or go through the purchasing process of them. I still thought the CL was really nice.

I got to sit in the Evora and asked the Lotus representative, "is this really a 2+2?" The rear seats were the most useless ever, but he told me that it was only the prototype that they let car magazines preview. The dimension of the car wasn't going to change but it was hard to imagine to see how they will fit more room in the rear. I wasn't found of the Alpine they put in there either, but of course this isn't a factory car like Toyota or whomever.
"Yeah; well, my interior is better."