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Originally Posted by 11Past9 View Post
Wheels? Nothing OEM is better than what you could get for the same or cheaper in aftermarket...

Steering wheel? Yeah... I'm going to decide on buying one car over the other over a steering wheel. NOT!

3D Nav? neat, anndddd the maps will be out of date and so won't the system in 6 months.

I think YOU need to get your shit together and educate yourself on what REALLY makes a car better than the other.
What you think makes any car better than another is completely subjective, so bringing up that matter up doesn't help. But really, is there anything wrong with having options on cars these days? Wouldn't shitty steering wheels affect driving feel, wouldn't wheels affect aerodynamics and brake cooling? Are ALL aftermarket wheels up to par with OEM in quality? I think YOU need to understand people like options. If I order heated seats on an M3, do I not know my priorities? I just don't think it's fair of you to judge the OP based on the options the car has. What Really makes a car better may I ask, because there are many cars out there.