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Originally Posted by MrDummy View Post
But is it true that SOME ticking in the 06 325s is normal due to the Valvtronic style engine? That is what they told me, as it only does it when oil is low or engine is Cold.

I am just afraid of it leading to more damage to the engine, or can I wait until it gets worse, I have 2 years of CPO left on it, and I have 53K miles now.

Please help someone?
Well, just dropped mine off, no hassle at all, said they did a whole bunch of these when the tsb came out and now they're stocked on the parts, explained the repair wasn't to invasive and there hasn't been any problems. Seems like this is border-lining on a recall. I would recommend getting it fixed while you still have plenty of warranty left, that way you will know the job was done right and have the time to test it on your side. Bottom line for me, "improved parts" I would prefer to run my engine for the long run with these re-engineered lifters. I'll post again when I get the car back, he said it could be as early as this afternoon (must be pretty easy if they can do it that fast).