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remoteKEY overview:

Windows and sunroof can also be activated independently and has no conflicts with those equipped with CA (comfort access).

- Setting 1 allows remote operation of the windows and the sunroof by using the original factory remote fob: Press and hold UNLOCK for 2 seconds: Open all windows
- Press and hold LOCK for 2 seconds: Close all windows
- Press and hold UNLOCK for 5 seconds: Open windows and sunroof
- Press and hold LOCK for 5 seconds: Close windows and sunroof

- Full factory alarm confirmation chirp/flashing corners/blinking mirror/LED emulation
- Remote window control: One-Touch operation of the windows and sunroof with the original remote on all models (US and Euro)
- Automatic door unlocking when ignition is turned off. Avoid having to pull the door handles twice to get out
- Comfort windows: All windows can be closed One-Touch with the wide "All-Windows" button in the driver's door.
- User programmable: The module can be individually enabled or disabled. All settings are retained even if the car battery is disconnected.
- Remote Fold-in Mirrors (if equipped). remoteKEY will fold in your mirrors on alarm activation.
- Shop/Diagnose mode: If activated the module is completely passive, as if it was not installed at all. It becomes invisible to diagnostic tools.
- End user upgradeable via integrated USB port