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Originally Posted by acizek
looking at the size it can read my assumption is that my (any other?) iDrive has issue with accessing second layer of a two layer DVD...
From memory, my first Double layer DVD had something like 2,200 Tracks on, about 200 Artists ( and thus folders ) and Ocupied 8Gb. Currently I cannot verify exact stats as another kind forum member has it to test it for themselves... maybe they could verify the exact stats...

My iTunes conversion ( 70Gb) over from AAC to mp3 is going slowly.... my original estimate of 7 days maybe out due to everytime it finds a slightly glitched track or a track that reqs authorisation it just stops, and as I am not monitoring it 24/7, this means I only notice say 5 or 6 hours later wasting tons of time. Still it is slowly getting there... it is up to E..... only 21 to go... So it will be a little time yet before I can verify for myself.