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Hi all...

Mine is a 320d on 62K on a 56. The warning lights (large yellow DTC circle in the main display and yellow brake light in the wanrning cluster) came on for me the other day. This was after quite a bit of DTC activity as roads were v slippy at the time. When I got to the next T-junction, I killed the ignition and re-started (I work in IT, so I always give that a try!) and the lights then went away and haven't come back since.

Initially, I thought the DTC was not working as suspected a bit of wheel spin without flashing light but this morning I was definitely able to trigger the DTC as expected and still no more warning lights.

My AUC waranty is due to expire at the end of next week!

Has anyone else had this problem intermittently like this and what do you think I should do?!

UPDATE: Just getting warranty renewal quotes and asked them about the DTC cover and they said it is covered but as long as it's not due to 'wear and tear'!! They weren't able to clarify what that meant and said that it's down to the descretion of the dealearship when they look at the parts! SOunds like a right stitch-up to me...

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