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Fixed quickly, FOC

I was feeling under the weather when I accepted the timespan from my dealer (16th Dec), so went down on Monday (7th) to complain and they fixed it all yesterday (8th), completely FOC. Apparently they replaced the hydraulics units. Returned washed, waxed, valeted...

Warning lights have disappeared, appears to be working as best as I can test it...

As soon as I get the worksheet I'll post any further info, but I'm having both headlight casings replaced under the AUC warranty as they're fogging up and refusing to clear even after 20 minutes of continuous use - parts goodwill from BMW, labour goodwill from Used Car sales, free courtesy car. Upshot is that the worksheet hasn't been completed until they replace the headlights.

I think they've also done a software update as I've got an extra service check available - I can't remember the icon off hand. I may also be imagining it, but it seems to be easier to get away in first than it was, but it's probably all in my head.

My advice would be to get it checked, though if there are no warning lights then presumably you'll be charged for "diagnosis" or somesuch. Wear and tear on a DSC unit - I'd have thought this was a "part for life" unless you're driving like a lunatic on tracks every weekend.

The service I've received from my dealer has been ace from Used Car Sales, mixed bag from Service Manager, ace from the actual technical work completed. Thought I'd give it a bit more time before naming them and really seeing what their service is like.

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