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Originally Posted by Estoril Sport View Post
Anyone uses the Independent Heating System in their cars?, I have tried it for two morning when there was due a frost expecting the next morinig, to be honest bit dissipointed. Seems to just blow cold air around, and does not demist the front window.

From reading the manual I thought it might start the engine at the preset time to heat up the inside of the car. Should it do this or not?
No No mate.

The i-drive independant ventilation just start the fans blowing outside air at the time settings. This is only to help cool the car on hot days. Or blow cold air round on cold days!

AUXILIARY heating is not available in the UK, only mainland europe etc. Not sure about BMW, but makes vary from a fuel burning heater unit to remote engine start and heat from the key fob.

Like heated steering wheels and xdrive 3ers, not available to us damp Brits.

Only option for us on cold days is the old leave-5-minutes-early-warm-up-and -ice-scrape-routine. Although if you have comfort access, then you can start the car and then deadlock it, still with the key in your pocket and go back indoors to let it warm.