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RWD only.
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Originally Posted by bavarian19 View Post
Audi Allroad
+1. I don't feel like counting the A2.
Originally Posted by S4to335 View Post
You sir, are an idiot. That is probably a new Q5. I like it. I like lots of cars. There are lots of boring cars in terms of styling...I dont think any Audi is "ugly"....boring in some cases..but not "ugly".

What is ugly? Pontiac Aztec. I really dont like the Z3..but it isnt ugly...its just not for me.
Dude...before you call him an idiot you have to realize that you're wrong. It's a Q7.
Originally Posted by footie View Post
Up until the X1 came along it would also have been the best handling one too but it does take the prize for that. Though the X1 has an awful ride quality, I don't know what BMW are playing at, they insist on promoting handling at the expense of ride and frankly the person that has already decided on an SUV is really looking for a sportscar, just something that rides well, handling OK and is practical.

On their current SUVs they have really lost the plot.
I want to respectfully disagree. It depends on what you'd consider "awful" ride quality. People have different preferences. I've never driven an X-Bimmer that has what I'd consider an awful ride. I also appreciate their relatively sporty demeanor, but I could chalk that up to my younger age.
Originally Posted by S4to335 View Post
I saw a white Q5 with the Sline package that looked very very nice. I would definitely have that as a second car.

Here is a pic of it:

And I got to drive this for 2 weeks courtesy of Audi of America (I am still finishing an article on it)

That looks worlds better with the S-Line package. It's a bland-mobile without it.
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