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Got the car booked in yesterday for repairs. Apparently the DSC computer module is stuffed hence everything that it controls, DSC, DTC, Start assist, CBA, ABS etc.... are all faulty. It takes 2 weeks for the parts to arrive direct from Germany but cutting in close to Christmas, there is a chance that it will not be fixed B4 Christmas.

Dont really want to be driving it with out ABS and computer assist in the summer rain the way i drive. One of the reason we pay twice as much for BMW's is because of it safety but looks like that could be compromised.

Shit, I m going overseas on the 24th of Dec too.... Looks like it wont be fix until I return in mid Jan. I m going to ask them for a loan car in the meantime before we go overseas.

So many problems with my car and it is not even 6 month yet.
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