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Originally Posted by Nikolas View Post
That has to be the most ridiculous braking comparison I have ever seen. Only one question: How much do each of those vehicles weigh. I have no doubt the cayenne is heavier. Weight has a huge affect on braking over snow/ice.

Not that I agree standard braking is improved with AWD, but engine braking and cornering is improved with AWD in slick conditions.
Cayenne AS v Cayenne winter tire....the AS could not complete the turn

The winter tire-equipped Cayenne stopped in an average distance of about 61 feet, while the all-season tire-equipped Cayenne took 102 feet (an additional 41 feet or about two and one-half car lengths). A 41-foot difference in stopping distance during a panic stop at 30 mph on a snow-packed road is more than enough to determine whether it's a near miss or an accident!

The cornering comparison measured the tires' ability to provide traction during a 90-degree left-hand corner. We drove the two cars nose-to-tail beginning at 15 mph and increased the speeds on successive runs. When we attempted to drive through the corner at 25 mph, only the winter tire-equipped Cayenne was able to complete it, while the all-season tire-equipped Cayenne slid off the road. Even though the all-season equipped Cayenne included Porsche Stability Management, the PSM system could not overcome the laws of physics when the tires' traction limit was exceeded.

Please watch the much for running AS tires with couldn't complete the turn...

Now...that S4 with winter tires= snow machine

I am talking about are talking about something else..

Winter tires for the winter...summer tires for the summer...AS=no season

The original pic would never have happened if the the BMW was running appropriate winter tires...that is the only point I am making...

BTW...edmonds brake testing...

Cayenne 60 to 0 in 116 ft and 30 to 0 in 27 feet
335i 60 to 0 in 112 ft and 30 to 0 in 27 feet

Both cars have capable brakes...its the tires in the snow that make the difference...I would recommend people not try to "get by" with AS if they experiece real winter driving...
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