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Originally Posted by Nikkahtropolis View Post
+1. I don't feel like counting the A2.

Dude...before you call him an idiot you have to realize that you're wrong. It's a Q7.

I want to respectfully disagree. It depends on what you'd consider "awful" ride quality. People have different preferences. I've never driven an X-Bimmer that has what I'd consider an awful ride. I also appreciate their relatively sporty demeanor, but I could chalk that up to my younger age.

That looks worlds better with the S-Line package. It's a bland-mobile without it.
I call him an idiot for his overall comments on anything. Yes, I see that it is a Q7...but I also like the styling of the Q7. If I had the money right now I would be owning a Q7 or Q5 as a second car.

Car is now gone .... :-(