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Originally Posted by scheherazade View Post
Consider :
- having an LSD
- wanting to start in valet mode by default
- wanting to run map 1

So :

starts in valet
(wait for the dash to flash 2x)
(wait for the dash to flash one long cel)
valet again
(wait for the dash to flash 1x)
click & hold
traction nanny off

And the kicker
Traction has to be full-on if you want to hold and disable traction completely
You can't double-click too fast while you're going through the maps, or else you'll turn off the traction one-level.
(DTC ignores the second click if it's too fast, so it only registers the first - disabling traction one level)

So if you hurry, at the end you have to click 2x.
1) turn traction all-on again
2) click and hold to turn traction off completely

AND you have to do that last part nice and slooooooowww, or else procede will think of it as a double click, and you have to start everything ALL OVER AGAIN.

That's a crap load of clicking and waiting when you start the car...

NOT using the DTC button for procede would ROCK for people with an LSD.

And being able to arrow up and down maps instead of double clicking would rock too... (like the volume control buttons on wheel).

If you need valet mode (as I do) and want to avoid all these clicks (as I did) and you don't use map 2 (as I don't) just do what I (and most users) do:

Enter the user adjustable parameters in the ProCede software and set:
- "on" button map - 1 and
- "off" button map - 2 so,

as you start your engine you'll be in valet mode (as you need to) and when you need map 1, with your first two clicks you'll have the map 1 and not map 2... end of story!