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Thx guys

I hope i dont end up to be the 2nd MNRO.... Haven't heard from him for awile, I think he fianlly drove that car into the wall. I know that feeling.

The dealership did not give me a loan car at the end. They say that I must leave my car with them or no loan car and i didn't really wanted to drive a low spec 320i and but more importantly I did not want them to leave my car in the 35oC sun for the next 2 week before module arrives either so I end up driving my car back. Not much option for me really but i think they could at least request to express post the parts so that i can get it fix in a week before christmas or maybe given me the option to let me pick-up my car and still give me a loan car. Bottem line, they can do so much more for the customer but they dont which is very disappointing. I mean yes shit happens, but it is what u do to keep ur customer happy when things go wrong that really count. You would think that the dealship will look after loyal customer that purchase a number of cars from them in the last few years.

I also ask them to fix up the whistling sound on the driver side mirror but guess what, they did not put it back right coz it make noised everytime i open/close the door. more noise instead.....

Sorry guys about the bitching but im REALLY piss off overall at this purchase. So much issue and the car is still new. I think this issue is the 6th on the list of fuck ups.
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