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405lb-ft of torque at the wheels?

Just in case some folks were wondering about the realworld effects our recent round of updates (replacing the XEDE with a PROcede) have had on power output, here's a graph for ya...

This is on our Stg 1 (exhaust and computer) car from earlier today, running 93oct. Dyno results from 2 weeks ago, under nearly identical conditions, were 375lb-ft and 345whp. The only things that changed since then have been our recent updated with our engine control computer (how it controls boost and adjusts ignition timing, specifically). Both setups ran the same boost- 12psi peak, tapering down to 11psi by 5000rpm and then down to 9psi by 7000rpm.

Tonight and tomorrow, I'm going to be testing at 4000' above sea level just to make sure there is enough overhead in the boost control system for it make the necessary adjustments.

Those beta folks who currently run our Stg 0 kit will see benefits from the new changes. And we will be offering free updates for those kind folks. This will require a hardware change to the Xede itself (replacing it with a PROcede). That means that we will be swapping it out for another unit altogether. More on that later. Gotta get back to work


PS. To put this in perspective, by 3700rpm the car now is already making the peak power of a stock car (265-275whp). So basically, to drive keep up with a stock car, I'd have to short shift this car at 4000rpm

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