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Originally Posted by yermo View Post
either way you can't go wrong but this is my order...
Agree, not knocking the GTR but there's a reason the GTR is less than both the other two cars. People who bitch/complain about being brand whores are just haters IMHO. It's like walking past a Hugo Boss store and complaining their suits are too expensive. There's a reason its expensive, you typically get what you pay for. But everything in life has to cater to peoples needs financially, aesthetically and performance (for autos). These 3 cars cater to 3 different people although they are being compared. The GTR is bang for the buck performance. Won't find anything as good for the price. So right off the bat, everybody knows budget is a determining factor. The Audi just has sex appeal, regardless if its brakes faded or not. This car is just made for people who typically don't care about tracks and 1/4 times. Made for those who just want to look good driving a sexy car.

The porsche is just prob. the most raw of the 3. Everybody know's how much they cost, and their performance as they've been around so long. Their looks haven't changed much, but they have race bred heritage.

I'd take any of the 3 but for me, I don't track or street race. I'd have to go w/ the porsche b/c to me brand/quality matters and they go hand in hand. I can't see myself sitting at a Nissan dealership for service....

I've been to a porsche service center and there's not a spec of dust inside their garage floors which are beautiful i might add. Call me pompous or a badge whore. But speed isn't the most imp. thing to me.

Some like the feeling of having a larger member knowing their cars faster around a track, others like the feeling their members larger b/c they have more $$ in the bank. I'm with the second category of people