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Originally Posted by lyndon_h View Post
Since I was the last person to kid about not being a bad whore, i suppose this piece of your response was (at least in part) directed at me. Before i respond, keep in mind that we both are 335 owners, so lets not pretend that one of us is more appreciative of quality than the other.

Nissan had the option of making the GTR an Infiniti, but chose to keep it a Nissan. I am glad they chose to do so because it keeps badge whores from buying the car. I have no qualms about someone deciding that they want to pay more money for a car because it has a certain quality that they want. However, i'm not fond of people getting cars (particularly performance cars) because they think it will make them look like they have class/money/success.
i dont really see infiniti as a brand that attracts badge whores. its more the people on the budget who dont care about stretching their wallet for a bmw or audi when they could just get the infiniti which is comparable.

i dont understand the whole badge whore thing. in reality who really cares what car you are driving. only people who are enthusiasts will really care anyways. and they will respect the gtr just as much as the 997.