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BMW Oil Question


I have read quite enough about oils and what works for our cars. I've also done a lot of oil analysis of oils on my previous car so I quite versed about oils.

Last Monday I took my E90 335i to the dealer for an oil change. This is the second oil change as the first one was done @ 5000 miles based on the annual interval.

The second oil change was done last Monday based on the service date interval stored in my car computer. The mileage was 7700.

In both cases the oil was the BMW Longlife with the right part number. I talked to the Service Rep upon receiving my car about the oil they use:

Me: "So what type of oil do you use in this dealership?"
Him: "We use the BMW long life."

Me: "Yes, but who is the manufacturer? BMW does not manufacture oil, they relabel oils by other manufacturers."
Him: "Its Castrol. "

Me: "But the Castrol 5W-30 synthetic oil in USA is NOT approved according for the BMW Long Life specs. How is it that you are putting Castrol 5W-30 in my car and you reset my car computer for 15000 miles?"
Him: "Its what we have to use."

So naturally I am SUPER concerned. I need to know the following:

1. Is the BMW Longlife oil used in USA dealerships really supplied by Castrol?
2. If so, is it the USA version of the Castrol Syntec?
3. If so, is it the Castrol Syntec 5W-30 or the 0W-30? The first one is not approved, but the second is!
4. Why is that they reset my car computer for Nov 2011? Shouldn't it be Nov 2010?

I am almost ready to raise hell at my dealership. I am also planning on sending an oil sample from my engine for oil analysis to determine what's the deal with this BMW oil.