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Originally Posted by markymarc1981
Hey guys:

I'm only looking to buy the front skirt of the aero kit. It looks so beautiful. My dealer quoted me $1370.00 plus taxes primed, painted and installed. This is a lot of money for a bumper. What are my money saving alternatives?
It isn't even a bumper, it's a lip. The dealer price is $486, so if you buy it for that, pay ~$200 to paint it then install it yourself you save $~700. If you don't want to install it yourself go over to RMP or something and odds are Rocco will install it for $100.

Originally Posted by markymarc1981

My 2007 335i coupe will be arriving March 2007. The dealership introduced me to this product called DiamondKote paint protection.

The cost is about $300 CDN.

Has anyone ever used this on their car before? Does it really work? Is it worth the money?

Just the thought of paint swirls on my new baby makes me cry like a little girl.

It's a paint sealant, the same stuff you can buy online for $25. It won't protect your car from swirls, nothing can except proper washing. Sealants protect your car from the elements. The stuff they put on will come with a warranty that tells you you need to have it re-applied every 6 months to a year. You're better off either doing it yourself (read this: or taking it to a detailer of your choice.