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Originally Posted by mrBLUEEEE View Post
nice car man exactly wat i wanted , had a 325 2008 e92 blew the engine . got an evo x , listen whered u get the bov from and if u want to remap i know the guy 2 go 2 in lebanon
Thanks man ... Yeah it's a great car with a unique color combo here in Lebanon!
Blew your engine? Holy fuck... I saw your threads man with endless crashes everytime you change your rims lol that's sad... Anyways hope you're happy with your Evo X; not really my type comparing to a German BMW but I guess it has the performance so enjoy it anyways.

I ordered my BOV from the US, Active Autowerke. It's not available in Lebanon, I'm the first one to install it here in the country

Is the remapping guy specialized in BMWs? Does he have any experience with E92? I haven't found any professional E92 Tuner in Lebanon although I'm not looking for one because the 335i has it all man...

I would think of installing JB+/JB3 but that's later on when I really feel the thirst for more boost!

Besides, you can't add that much power to the car without upgrading the Braking System!
If you chipped/remapped your car in an indefinite way, I think this is what led to your crashes because it overcomes the Engineering calculations BMW Engineers have designed for your 325i and can't handle the extra power you've added to it!

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