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iTrader: (12)| PnP Multimedia Interface + OEM Style Back Up | Front Camera Kit

Hello guys,

This is Kris from, new sponsor of E90post here,

We are offering multimedia interface kit with OEM style back up camera,
You now can have video playback and rear view camera for less than half price of the OEM setup.

While other products require you to cut, tap or splice stock wires, we are proud to offer 100% Plug and Play Kit.
No more cutting, tapping or splicing needed, installation is pretty much straight foward and DIY-able,

We've already installed this kits on 3 series, M3, 5 series and M5, and buyers are happy with the results.

Interface module has 3 AV inputs, 1 RGB input, 1 Rear Camera input and 1 AV output,
You can connect any multimedia devices up to 3 at same time,
And with AV output, you can connect it to video camera for recording and/or headrest monitors.
Rear view while you are moving foward option is also available.

To get this kit work on your M, you need to have following options installed.
- iDrive (You are going to use iDrive "MENU" button to switch screen from OEM to AV input)
- AUX input (You are going to use AUX input as "Audio-In" source, without this you won't have audio but pictures)
- Screen (Either navigation screen or small LCD screen)

There are 2 interface kits available, it depends on your model and year. (Compatible with any BMW with iDrive installed)
~2008 models with 1st gen iDrive
2009~ models with 2nd gen iDrive

So please let us know which model/year you have when you reply, PM or email us.

Thank you and feel free to contact ( or PM me if you have any questions.

Here are some pictures of our product and video clips of E92 M3 Demo car

OEM Style Back Up Camera

Day time - while in reverse

Rear view while driving

Night time - while in reverse

Rear view while driving

Video playback from iPhone

Video clips
Rear view camera in action

Video playback & rear view camera on while driving

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