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Originally Posted by Sick Speed View Post
Yesterday I had to drill out 16 holes across both side skirts, relocate one of the foam pieces to a better location so it would fit, and carve out 3 extended channels on the inside of the side skirt where the clips are located.

Simply put...and as I stated in my other post...Long did not properly modify either of these side skirts and the claims he makes in his OP are false and misleading. I can say that because I have physical proof (pix) that my side skirts were only partially modified.

Modifying them is not rocket science so anyone who wanted could do these mods themselves. But wait! That's not what I paid for. I paid $650 for painted and properly modified side skirts so I could install them in under 15 mins.

So to answer your question....yes this is a major fail. On top of that after repeated PMs Long does not respond to any of my messages.

There is no excuse for advertising a product and not delivering.

There is no excuse for not replying to the repeated PMs for resolution to this.

That sucks man. I just can't believe there have been no responses here. There has to be an explanation.

I'm interested, because I myself was going to buy the M3 skirts from Longtran.